The Truth About Growth Oils

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I recently had a conversation with a hairstylist on her challenges helping clients who were experiencing thinning hair and scalp conditions. She mentioned, despite her efforts to steer them into a multi-pronged approach to solving their issue, many still swore that by just using castor or coconut oil they would eventually see results. 

Now, being Haitian, I am automatically by birth a Castor Oil lover. It can turn rough, dry brittle hair into soft, strong strands. It's a great conditioner and awesome at protecting our ends. Coconut oil, is also a great pre-poo and skin moisturizer. 

Those of us experiencing thinning hair from dormant follicles however, or the more obvious bald spots and missing edges, need a little more help than the usual carrier oils can provide. Usually, these scalp conditions  are caused by inflammation of the follicles, low grade fungal and bacterial infections and lack of circulation ( tight scalp). To see improvements, you will need an oil that packs a punch in addressing those issues as well as consistent scalp massages. Dermatologists often prescribe anti fungal and anti bacterial medications to go along with a protocol for hairloss clients, as well as those experiencing acne.

Essentials oils have been shown to be anti fungal and antibacterial, as shown in  research HERE

With consistent use and massage using a properly diluted blend of anti-inflammatory carrier oil and essential oils, you will start to reduce inflammation on your scalp, reducing undetected fungal and bacterial infections that may be compromising your follicles. This will wake up dormant follicles allowing them to do what they do best, grow hair. It's also very smart to use this oil blend under wigs, weaves and braids, as the warm temperatures and moist environments often breed low grade infections. 

You can create your own growth oil blend following these recipes

If you are experiencing scalp conditions and hairloss, visit a dermatologist for a full diagnosis and treatment protocol. 

Ronnie's oil, uses grapeseed oil, jojoba and a blend of essential oils. Grapeseed oil is commonly blended into dermatologist created skincare lines because of its anti-inflammatory properties. It contains linoleic acid which helps form a protective barrier on the skin, and also acts as an anti inflammatory.  It also contains a blend of essential oils, carefully blended so that the top note of lemongrass is ambrosial and inviting. Functional and Amazing.



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