When Should you Use a Hair Mask?

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It's often confusing the differences between a hair mask and a moisture conditioner. Usually, when a product is called a mask, if you look at the description it will often contain the word repair, bond builder, and allude to being targeted at damaged or chemically treated hair. The ingredients will also often contain proteins. These products are great to use before and after chemical treatments, coloring as well as monthly if you hair is damaged. 

Hair masks are also great prior to heat styling as they protect your strands as well as promote sleekness and shine. 


You can also use a hair mask if when you wet your hair, it's very "mushy" and weak, which may be a sign that you need to rebuilt your hair bonds. 


When do you take a break from masks? when you your hair is hard, brittle and/or take a long time to saturate with water.  Pay attention to when you are about to shampoo your hair, does it take a long time for your hair to get wet? does it repel water?  This may be a sign that you need to reset, clarify with a sulfate shampoo a few times and use a moisture conditioner. 


It also pay to see a licensed professional for a consultation of your current hair state and establish a regimen.


In the next communications, I will go over  moisture conditioners. 

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