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"For as long as I can remember, I had dry hair. I have tried numerous hair moisturizers and leave-in treatments to treat my dry hair no avail. After using Ronnie’s Scalp Oil for one month, I have noticed that my hair is less dry and stays moisturized for days after I apply the oil to my hair. Ronnie’s Scalp Oil has even helped me get rid of the dandruff that would occur out of the dryness. In addition, It smells amazing. I am so happy to have been introduced to this product. It’s a win-win! " Gaelle, Washington DC 


"I have been using Ronnie's Scalp Oil for months now and not only does it smell good, but it has helped reduce the appearance of a slight bald spot I had from hair braiding damage. I am so grateful to Ronnie for making this oil. It has become a staple in my hair care regimen. Thanks Ronnie!" Jen, Bronx NY


"......I’ve been struggling with a dry scalp & itch issue (especially during winter)....but I’ve been trying different oils and they haven’t really helped much, or if they helped a bit they didn’t ease that itchy feeling I always get. Most recently, I’ve been using castor oil which seemed to work best in comparison to all the previous oils I’ve tried ….. however the smell sometimes annoys me (I have a sensitive nose LOL) and it also can feel too heavy after a couple days on my hair.....With your product, I enjoy the smell … My itchy feeling has been eliminated thus far, and I like the way my hair absorbs it." Nia, Teaneck NJ 


"Ronnie's scalp oil was instrumental in helping me cope with the postpartum hairloss. With daily treatment, my sides are growing back and the thickness has returned." Flo, Bronx, NY


"Girllllll my roots are singing! Thank you for sharing!" Kenya, New York, NY


"I got mine... It smells soooooooo good. I have to be careful not to dump all of it on my hair right now" Johanne, New York , NY


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"Ronnie's Scalp Oil has worked wonders for so many of my clients, helping them to grow their hair and combat their thinning/hair loss." Taneice, Shear Bliss Hair Lounge and Spa, West Orange NJ