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I am in the life, the back to school life! I am already in my second week of school and I am simply walking it by faith!!

 If you are headed back or have a little ones in your life heading back to school in the next few weeks, I have some tips to share:


1. Get a Trim/Take them to Get a Trim; 90% of dryness, tangling,  and knotted hair challenges can be fixed with a nice trim.  Frayed ends do not hold moisture well. They easily get knotted onto themselves and the other strands.  Frayed and split ends also travel up the hair causing more damage and breakage. After a summer of fun in the sun and water, please make your life easier by getting a trim.

2. Get a Detangling Shampoo:  Think convenience; washing and detangling should not be a major chore and uncomfortable for both of you. Investing in a detangling shampoo reduces the amount of time you spend detangling and washing and sets a smooth foundation for you to condition and style. 

3. Think growth for your styles you leave in longer. If you intend to get braids, weaves, wigs or any style that stays in long, use a light growth oil for your scalp to stimulate your follicles. Also use a light oil when taking the style down to finger detangle and minimize shedding and breakage prior to shampooing. What are light oils ? Jojoba, and grapeseed are two great options that wont build up on your hair. 

4. Condition, Condition, Condition: For everyday and weekly, use a moisturizing conditioner to keep breakage at bay. For long protective style, use a protein mask followed by a moisture conditioner to reset the balance and strength prior to braiding. For heat styling, use a protein mask for heat protection, strength and shine. 

The No Tears No Tangles Package has a detangling shampoo, a growth oil, a moisture conditioner rinse out and a leave-in conditioner

The Original Ronnie's Conditioner is a rich mask that contains protein (keratin) and horsetail extract for shine. It can be used to repair damaged hair or prep for a silk press or a protective style.



Wishing you all a great school year!

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