No Tears, No Tangles WashDay

No Tears, No Tangles WashDay

  • $ 89.99


No Tears No Tangles

  1. Ronnie's Oil
  2. Ronnie's Shampoo
  3. Thirst Quencher Rinse Out Conditioner
  4. Smooth Operator Leave-in Conditioner


All these products individually cost $102.96, while in this package is sold for $89.99 for a limited time! a steal!

Family size products


Section Hair

Use a dime size of Ronnie's Oil to gently massage scalp and hair using fingers to begin separating hair. Gently finger detangle to remove shed hair and tangles.

Use a spray bottle to mist hair, and a dime size of the shampoo apply to hair from root to tips. Finger detangle. then use a wide tooth comb to detangle from tips working your way down to the roots. 

Use a detangling brush to further detangle and remove all shed hair.

Shampoo and rinse hair thoroughly using the pad of your fingers to loosen dirt from the scalp. Use a downward motion  to wash hair as to not tangle further. Rinse and Repeat

Apply Thirst Quencher Conditioner to ends first, work through the entire length of the hair to cover all the strands. Use a detangling brush to spread it through the strands, massage conditioner to reach the roots.

Rinse thoroughly. Apply Leave in Operator per section and style.


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