Better Late than Never: Gift Guide 2021

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I didn't start enjoying holiday shopping until I became a business owner myself. 

All of a sudden, the world of small business owners, women owned, black owned, minority owned opened up the possibility of not only meaningful and unique gifts but the joy of knowing that with my purchase I am directly supporting the life of an actual family. I look forward to finding new, innovative gifts and services to dazzle my loved ones. 

This year, here are some places I have patronized and will gladly do so again:

Purrty Dimples Get the mommy and me silk-lined bonnet sets or just the singles in the kids collections, complete with cute graphics that will dazzle your little one.

Darling and Co. The Hop Scotch mat, the affirmation cards the coloring pages (some are free) were my favorites for my nieces.

Jessie Monroe Nailcare Quick dry vegan polishes are clutch. The company is constantly innovating with new colors and new vibes. Check them out!


Zach and Zoe Sweet Bee Farm Enjoy some of the best raw honey flavors from a small family farm

Kanea Candles These soy wax candles inspired by Ghana will delight your loved ones with their scents. They also carry room sprays, wax melts and all your candle accessories. 

Feel the love with the Beloved Box. Delight in the best body butters, massage oils, body sprays, body scrubs and many more for those nights when the kids go to bed and you want to return to you.


And of course, if you know me, at some point you have or will receive some of my amazing products as Christmas gifts! Check out the Holiday Basket here


With Love and Presence of Mind


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