Out of Sight, Out of Mind

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Just like our bodies, our hair needs to drink and replenish consistently. And just like our skin, our scalp needs touch. Having just returned from Atlanta for the Bronner Brothers Show, I immediately took some time to get the kinks out by getting a deep tissue massage. The masseuse even used her knee on my back to relax my muscles. I was nervous at first, but It was that good balanced pressure that I needed.

In the same spirit of self care, for the sake of convenience, we sometimes forget to care for our own hair underneath the wigs, weaves or braids. Since I have been wearing a short cut this year, I am forced to tend to it daily and it takes at most 5 minutes.  Everyday I use a leave in, some oil, and conditioning product to fluff my hair. If I didn't have to make this short cut presentable, would I go through these steps as consistently as I do? The answer is no. Because let's be real, out of sight out of mind!

It got me thinking about those of us who rock protective styles on a regular basis and I decided to offer these tips to help you retain the health of your hair and scalp under your styles.  Here are 5 easy tips,  but not before this gratuitous pic of my niece's thick natural hair after 1 year of alternating wearing weaves:

1.Set a timer on your phone to actually moisturize your hair, even if you get to do this once or twice a week it's better than 0. You don't want to grow hair that is parched like the Sahara!


2. Added hair can literally drink the moisture from your strands so it's important to use a conditioning leave-in cream on your hair. A leave in spray penetrates braids better, making sure that you can air dry properly with that style 


4. Massage your scalp frequently, you can actually massage your hair without any products, the touch alone is healing, it increases circulations and promotes overall health.. It's even better if you massage  with an oil that stimulates circulation, promote growth and actually reduce the likelihood of bacteria growth to occur under your styles. Ronnie's Oil is a great example


5. Cleanse your scalp with dry shampoos, pure hazel water -(Dickinson's has one with no alcohol), or diluted vinegar rinses to remove buildup and free your follicles to grow thick gorgeous hair

If using regular shampooing and conditioner in hair under weaves, braids or crochet styles, Be mindful it might be hard to rinse out all the products and to properly dry the hair. Not rinsing out the products creates buildup on the hair and scalp. Additionally, damp environments on your hair and scalp can  grow mold and lead to fungal infections. Always be sure to dry your hair thoroughly with the dryer on low or medium heat. 


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