The Culprit could be Stress Hairstyles

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Your hair is unique to you. It's strength, its elasticity, its growth and shedding cycle, are all specific to you, your genetics, your hair regimen, your diet, and the topical products you use. One of the worst mistake we can make in our hair journey is to based our regimen based on someone else's experience.

When Grace was around 2 years old, I wanted to do a cute mohawk cornrow style for her. Knowing what I know, I tried my hardest to braid her hair as loosely as possible, a few days later I noticed she had a small patch of hair in the front that was pulling out. My experience caring for her hair and scalp the past 4 years has shown me she has the type of hair that if I am obsessed with braiding her edges super neat and tight, she will have traction hairloss in no time. I am therefore very mindful to pick styles that are gentle on her edges, and to switch the direction of her braids and pigtails from time to time.

I cannot base her hair regimen based on anyone but what her hair tells me.

Stress hairstyle can be a ponytail worn the same way daily, braids, a weave, a wig, anything. It's any style that adds tension, and pressure on your scalp and hair.

No matter how thick, long and healthy  another person's hair is after wearing a style consecutively and consistently, take a moment to check in with yourself and your hair. You hair is talking to you, are you listening?

Here's to you making haircare regimen decisions solely on your hair's condition, your hair goals,  and your lifestyle.

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