5 Things you Can do This Year to Laser Focus on Your Joy

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If there's one thing about me, I am going to have a good  time!

I will start this post by acknowledging how lucky I am that my upbringing, circumstances and the stars aligned to make it very easy for me to be happy in my own little world.

I have to say this because as I have similar conversations with different people throughout my life, I became acutely aware that not everyone has such a limber ability to get up and redirect their focus on their own happiness when faced with life's challenges.

With that said, I see too many people suffering in dark places often brought on by people and circumstances outside of themselves and I want to give them a bit of happy, I want to remind them of their own power over their own lives.

This post is not about hair, or skin but let's face it, if you are constantly discombobulated by things outside of yourself, there shall be no glow.

Let's start by observing the animal kingdom. I mean we don't need to behave like animals but do you ever see a monkey sitting pondering about why another monkey was mean to him, or is stealing its joy? No. he moves on, finds some food and new friends. Animals have this amazing capability to run away from danger and run towards their happy, be it food, shelter or companionship.

We can also make it our practice to always look in the direction where we can be happy and fulfilled. The more we practice it, the more it becomes a habit. 

I hate to be miserable. I can sit in sadness for a minute to figure out its origin and understand it but as soon that task is done, I am looking for the steps to get out of the funk. It's my blessing, and I want to share a bit of that perspective with you.

Although we may think people and circumstances make us unhappy, a majority of how we feel is actually in our power.

We repeat patterns and that's a fact. You replace one sadness with another, one oppressor with another.

Sometimes it starts from childhood, you had one oppressive parent, you then replace them with a partner, a boss, a friend. When we are primed to exist in not so favorable situations, it's much easier for people, and circumstances to rope us in to these same circumstances as adults.

Let's all make this year, the year to be relentless about choosing joy and choosing you.

Here are some things that work for me.

1. Establish some rituals in your life. This can be a morning prayer, meditation or manifestation or gratitude rituals.  Your ritual can be writing in your journal, exercising and honoring your body. Rituals allow us to connect with ourselves, honor our existence and give meaning to our days. They help ground us and reduce anxiety. A ritual in a way elevate your spirit beyond the mundane. Having one ritual in your day can serve as a reminder that you matter.

1. Plan out your month, weeks and your days. Start each day with your planner. By doing this you essentially start your day choosing you, your plans, your goals. You are not being led by outside influences. You are the CEO of your life.  Before you touch an email, or your phone, pull out your planner and write down the things you need to do for the day. You will then have a tool to prevent your day from being hijacked by agendas that have nothing to do with your own.

2. Believe that the universe is conspiring to uplift you, while constantly looking in the direction of your happiness.Nothing will come to you if you do are not ready to receive it. If you wake up everyday and speak on the things that ails you rather than pursue those that uplift you, the universe cannot help you. If you are unsatisfied with your job, your health, your relationships, wake up everyday and do one action to give yourself what you desire.

Like President Barack Obama said, don't Boo Vote! I say Don't complain, ACT!

3. Seek to make small improvements rather than major changes

You will get more results, and satisfaction by making small changes in habit that will eventually add up to big results. If for example, you are feeling distracted by social media while working, carve out 30 minute time blocks where you turn off your devices and work. Eventually, you will be able to make that block 2 hours.

If you would like to lose weight, cut out one culprit at a time. You can see results by simply cutting out sugar in your morning coffee for example, drinking more water, walking just 30 minutes a day. 

If you have challenges saying No, write down different scripts to helping in saying No, practice how to end conversations that make you feel uncomfortable. Write scripts to use in situations where you feel bombarded. Practice choosing you. All you have to do is seek to be better than the day before.


4. Find an accountability partner. Sometimes people post their new year goals on social media because they recognize we are more likely to act on our plans when we have eyes watching and cheering us on. You can replicate this same environment, by enlisting a close friend or two with a similar goal to keep each other accountable. Your plans do not have to be identical, just close enough that you can share tips, check in and encourage each other.


5. Show gratitude and celebrate your wins no matter how small. Take a moment to acknowledge each day you have chosen you. Celebration and acknowledgement is very key in rewarding yourself for the hard work you have done. This reward also encourage you to keep going on your journey. It actually pays to celebrate your wins!


Lastly, one of the best unexpected reward of choosing you, will be how you inspire others to do the same.



In Love, Health and Presence of Mind


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