Change is Brewing in Haircare

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There's a salon in the Atlanta area specializing in creating cutting edge styles for women who suffer from hairloss, and thinning hair, allowing them to wear their own hair for the first time in years and often decades. 

Jasmine Collins, or Razor Chic, a celebrity stylist recently interviewed by the NY Times, tackles the issue of traction hairloss that many women face after years of wearing braids, extensions and wigs.

Client Before and After at RazorChic's Salon in the Atlanta Area

She is deemed a miracle worker,  providing a hair growth system of drops and vitamins, while creating cutting edge styles to camouflage hairloss at the crown and sides of her clients. 

She brings hope, freedom and a new outlook to her clients who suffer in silence with the continuous cycle of extensions, while watching their condition worsen day by day.

Dermatologists interviewed for the Article highlighted one of the challenges faced is the belief that not much can be done to stop or reverse the progress of hairloss caused by traumatic hairstyles.  “These styles — braids, weaves — are so a part of our culture that people think their hair loss is hereditary.” Dr. Henry advocates to start tackling the issue as early as possible. For many women, with treatment and styling changes, the hair can grow back. 

Dr. Aguh also recommends essential oils including thyme, rosemary, cedarwood and peppermint to patients..... diluted with inactive oils like grape seed, coconut or olive oil,” she said.

I was pleased to see an issue dear to my heart and many women I know being highlighted in a platform like the NYTimes. It's further validation that I am filling a need. 


Get your freedom back ladies. 

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