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One of the joys of connecting with customers is how I constantly learn from them. I created a product for a purpose and I later find that my customers have discovered other uses for it. Ronnie's Oil was created to fight hairloss that I was told would render me completely bald. Once I started selling the formula, I found that people became innovative in not only using it as part of their haircare routine, but incorporated in their full skin care regimen as well:



1. As a Prewash- My sister-in-law and many other customers prefers to use it as a prewash oil. She massages it in the night before she shampoos her hair. She gets the benefits of the scalp soothing, shine and moisture she needs while encouraging hairgrowth.

2. Beard Oil- One of my close friend 's husband was found dipping in her stash to use the oil on his beard. During the winter, he tends to get dry irritated patches. The anti-inflammatory properties in the grapeseed oil and essential oil blends really keeps his skin smooth and free of irritation

3. Skin Moisturizer- Many of my customers use it as an after shower oil. You may find a lot of "bath oils" on store aisles, but if you look closely, the first ingredient is mineral oil. Mineral oil will sit on top of your skin and make it look shiny but that's where the buck stops. You want an oil with ingredients that can penetrate your skin ( jojoba), relieve common skin irritations and lock in moisture.  While still damp from their shower, many of my customers rub a few drops of the oil all over their body. Its lightness and yummy fragrance makes it a no-brainer.  Some have added it to their exfoliating scrub to fight winter dryness with great success. 


4. Bath Oil: Last and not least my FAVORITE use of my oil. I add a few drops to Grace's bath water. If your little one stands/take showers, after wetting their skin, rub  a few drops of oil over their skin prior to soaping them up.

Dry patches of eczema flared up as soon as Grace started drinking cow's milk. In addition to reducing her dairy intake, I first created a mix of jojoba and grapefruit essential oils for her bath which helped greatly. Once the bottle was done and I didn't have time to make her a special mix, I started using Ronnie's Oil which has all the ingredients that relieves skin inflammation and helps her skin retains the moisture from her bath. Her skin has significantly improved!  I have had other mommies reach out about this and I guide them to use Ronnie's Oil rather than mixing their own, since proper mixing of essential oils is important for all, but definitely a must when using it on babies. Essential oils are highly concentrated and should be properly diluted in a carrier oil prior to use.


I have had some funny stories, where customers have tried to use the oil for very interesting things, but to protect the innocents I will keep those off the blog. Always remember, Ronnie's Oil is for External Use only! 


You may have bought a bottle of Ronnie's Oil for yourself, but will soon find out the whole family can benefit from its use. 


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In love, health and presence of MIND

Ronnie Deco



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