Something Simple is Missing in Your HairCare Regimen

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We have all heard it from newly minted naturalistas " When I was little, my hair was soft, shiny and long and we didn't use all these new products out here!"

They are 100% Correct!! I was faced with the same enigma myself and as a science driven person, I went back to when I was a young girl and retraced what a day in the life was haircare wise.

I immediately remembered that out hair was combed and brushed often, daily even ( if you are from the islands). My older sister who did my hair always stressed the importance of "brushing from roots to tip to distribute oils and restore shine." No matter how you slice it, one key ingredient in our haircare as children as opposed to now is the manipulation ( or massage of our hair and scalp). 

In search for the perfect product, and secret for scalp and hair health, we neglect the most primal, most efficient hair conditioner and moisturizer that our own body produces, sebum. To spare you the science class, Sebum is the oil produced by our glands, it's on our skin and therefore our scalp. It's there to protect and moisturize our skin.

Most of us, when we become natural, we adopt styles that encourage "low manipulation", missing on the opportunity of working the sebum from our scalp to our strands that was facilitated by brushing and combing/detangling when we were young. Often we have wash day, twist, and fluff until the next wash day.  The problem is even compounded by protective styles that leaves our scalps and strands untouched for weeks, often months. Our strands are literally missing on this all natural, 100%  absorbable oil made for us by us. 

But, since we are not going to be brushing our hair into pig tails like when we were young girls, what's the next best alternative? you guessed it, scalp massages.

 Scalp massages increase blood circulation to your follicles, and distribute your own natural sebum into your hair. Be sure to use your fingers to run down your strands and encourage the oil to travel down the hair shaft. Sebum has a a harder time traveling down curly or kinky hair, making massages that much more important for textured hair.  Folks who have come to me to discuss hair loss issues have also heard those words from their naturopath doctors, trichologists, stylist and dermatologists alike " your scalp feels tight and needs more massages and manipulation." If you do a few minutes of massages  consistently, I guarantee you within a few weeks, you will have softer shinier hair and will notice new growth in problem areas. 


My own testimony of scalp massages is that based on my Scarring Alopecia diagnosis 6 years ago, I was supposed to be bald by now, but I have successfully contained my hairloss to my crown for the past 6 years.  I want to remind you of the power of stimulating your follicles and maximizing the best hair moisturizer your money can buy, your own sebum! 

In Love, Health and Presence of Mind

Ronnie Deco


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