Hair Beautifying Supplements Part 1

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I was recently having a conversation with a family member suffering with joint pain. She wasn't too thrilled about the pain killers and steroid protocols suggested by her doctor. I mentioned  she can start taking a natural anti-infllammatory supplement that I have referenced here on this blog before, Zyflamend. Zyflamend took care of rotator cuff pain on one of my shoulders. Me knowing how she usually accumulates stuff, take them a few time and forgets about it, I said it works if you take it. We laughed. 

This is how I had to start this post. If we want to grow and strenghten our hair, in addition to topical products and the ever powerful scalp massages, we also have to nourish ourselves from the inside, consistently. In addition to our diet, supplements can be extremely helpful in that area.

But before I dive into the supplement of the day, I chose to first help you establish a mechanism that will encourage you to take it. How many of us really just don't feel the pull to try yet another supplement because well we don't think it will work, we also take them for a lil while and just stop.  I have done it, we all have. Here's a tip that works for me. I decide on only a few supplements that I want to take daily and I put them in a weekly pill container. Place your container in your bag, your desk at work, a prominent place in your kitchen ( out of children's reach of course) and I guarantee you, you will end up taking them.  By taking them out of the container, you take away a powerful deterrent, having to open each bottle, look in the back to remind yourself how many to take, and take swigs of water for each, and repeat this process for each bottle. Placing the pill container where you will see, or find it easily also helps. Remember, out of sight, out of mind! Even if you skip a day, you are doing great.  

The hair beautifying supplement I would like to recommend today is Saw Palmetto. I have been taking it and it has made a huge difference in keeping my hair full and strong in the crown area. Both men and women may experience thinning hair because of the accumulation of a testosterone byproduct (DHT) as we age. Your hair loss may come from a combination of things, it often does, and one very common cause in addition to traction, inflammation, and traumatic hairstyle practices is DHT accumulation in the body. Depending on the pattern of your hair thinning, it may be androgenic ( meaning a result of DHT accumulation in your body), you can usually tell based on the pattern in which you are losing hair, and with the help of a dermatologist. For women, it usually looks like an upside down U at the crown area. 


DHT bins to receptors in scalp follicles shrinking them, making it impossible for healthy hair to survive. This leads to thinning and eventually balding. 


The active ingredients in Saw Palmetto comes from its dried berries.  It works by blocking the enzyme that converts testosterone to DHT and it is gentle on your body. It comes in easy to swallow gelcap and you only need 1 per day. You can do it! 

If one of the causes of your thinning hair is DHT accumulation, saw palmetto can definitely help. That is if you take it:-)


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Always consult your doctor before starting any supplement regimen.



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