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This year, I made it my goal to continue to increase my knowledge on the different causes of hair loss and the treatment options available. As part of that goal, I enrolled to be certified as a Hairloss Practitioner by the US Trichology institute.

Trichology is the intersection of the medical and cosmetic branches dedicated to the study of hair and scalp disorders. I was ecstatic when I completed my certification examination and received my badge. I took it as a milestone marking my commitment to my purpose. 

Why is this important? Being that I develop products as well as share knowledge to help you rejuvenate your hair, it's a no brainer that I should fully understand conditions that affect the hair and scalp, and keep up to date with current treatment options available.

I have learned through this journey that to maintain healthy hair, we can't only rely on topical hair products, and that is knowledge that continued education will reinforce. There are different ways to tackle hair loss based on its root cause. Topical treatments are more effective when the diet, nutrition and supplements are aligned to solve the root cause of the problem. There are also new technologies available such as lasers for in office or in home uses. As a personal choice and belief, I lean more towards gentle, and natural options of hair rejuvenation and this is reflected on my blog. 

My appreciation for understanding the science behind what I do is why I joined forces with a sista cosmetic chemist and her FDA approved facility to manufacture the products coming out of The Ronnie Shop. There is beauty in science, predictability and safety. There is beauty if efficacy of ingredients. 

As I continue through this journey with you, I aim to create products to help you restore your crown, be it topical products, recommended supplements, as well as other treatment options. This is The Ronnie Shop's commitment to you.  

In Love, Health and Presence of Mind.

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