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In our quest to look for the holy grail product for beautiful hair and skin, it pays to be reminded of how plants thrive. Yes plants, as in the green leafy things we see in gardens.

Currently living in the New York City, I consider myself a window gardener. It's the only way I get to satisfy my intense attraction to plants and all things earthy. Sometimes life gets away from me and I forget to water my plans. Within minutes of watering them, they perk up and I in turn apologize for neglecting them.

This in itself is a reminder that in order to beautify and rejuvenate living things, nutrition and  hydration, from the inside out is number 1. That includes you and I.

I am writing this post as a reminder to myself and you. Cleansers, serums, potions and lotions are wonderful self care products,  but the best beauty "products" you can have in your arsenal are what you consume everyday. 

My mother often talks about how women in the countryside of Haiti literally emerge glowing after coming out of postpartum sequester. She boasts that when these women emerge, they are admired by all men including their husbands who literally fall in love all over again. They look so nourished and healthy, their skin is plump, dewy, naturally hydrated.  
I understand why now after she took care of me postpartum.  Spend weeks inside being waited on, eating stews, soups, nutritious foods and drinking herbal infusions all day, will definitely make you radiate.

A lot of foods often attributed to helping a new mom recover, heal her body and breastfeed her child also align with the same foods recommended for beautiful hydrated skin, luscious hair, and all around feelings of wellness. Some of these foods and herbs even increase libido, sexual health, and fertility. 

You may ask, how can you replicate aspects of this regimen in your day to day life. The quick fix, herbal infusions. 

As someone who is addicted to coffee, I make it a point to brew herbal infusions often and keep them refrigerated for easy reach. Throughout the day, I replace my water intake with a tall glass of what I call beauty/wellness/selfcare drink. 

You can make herbal infusions with nettle, kelp, fenugreek seeds , horsetail, red raspberry, oat straw, red clover, burdock, and dandelion to name a few.  You can purchase the individual herbs, or purchase many ready made blends online. They are often called "women's blends" and are prepared by well known sellers online such as Mountain Rose Herbs. Be sure to always get organic and/wildcrafted herbs for maximum potency.

To maximize the potency of your infusions,  pour boiling water over your herbs, cover and let it steep for a few hours. You can make your infusions at night, strain in the morning and refrigerate for consumption for the next 48 hours.

Infusing gives your herbal preparation that deep green color where you know it has the optimal amount of chlorophyll to feed your body.

You can sweeten your infusion with honey or mix it with a splash of juice. I sometimes mix Ronnie's Hair and Wellness tea with this super juice mix I get at Aldi's.

 Another way to infuse glow in your diet is to add chia and flaxseeds in your smoothies, cereal or salads. I like to add it in a bow of granola, with my nut milk, and  blueberries!

Add nut milks and nut butters in your diet, tiger nut milk is a great action packed one. You can get it online or prepare your own. 

Stay hydrated, water the beautiful flower that you are.  if you are drinking herbal infusions, you are already hydrating your body, but on any day make sure you are taking in as much water as possible. If you stick to this habit for a month and take an inventory of how you look feel, and your body function, you will definitely see a dramatic change. Your skin, hair, and body will feel different. Drinking the infusions will quell your appetite ( hunger is often a sign of thirst), and you will also lose weight as a result.

It's a win win. 


In Love, Health and Presence of Mind



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Always consult your doctor before starting any supplement regimen. This blog is not a medical blog and is not meant to help diagnose, treat or cure any condition. 








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