My Experience Incorporating Quick Mini-Facials at Home

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There's a little something I notice when I travel, the United States is so unique when it comes to the service industry. I remember a trip to St. Lucia where one night we wanted to go out to eat and we were told that there were not that many restaurants as it's not in the culture to eat out often.  it just wasn't a thing outside of the tourists areas. 

This has been the case with spas, hair and nail services in many parts of the world. They are not as readily available and financially accessible as they are here. As a result, people by default learn how to do, albeit abbreviated, yet very efficient versions of these self care routines at home.

The convenience of these services being available and somewhat accessible to us has in some ways diminish our confidence and our willingness to learn to care for ourselves at home. What is a facial? if you remove the extractions or chemical peels which you should really leave to the professionals, it's really cleanse, exfoliate, apply a mask and moisturize. Keep it to those simple steps and you will slowly get the hand of it. 

We can all do that right? My goal today is to empower you to create mini versions of theser routines at home, which will come in handy in between appointments or when your budget doesn't allow for splurging. Just because you can't shell out a couple of hundreds of dollars, or don't have the time to schedule a spa session, doesn't mean you shouldn't have buttery soft skin!

Step 1-Remove Makeup-I use Grace's baby wipes- I have tried all sorts of wipes from the fancy "Water Wipes", to Huggies, to Costco or BJs brand, since I always pick the sensitive brands, they all work just fine on my skin and are economical.  I have learned now as a mom to combine, reuse and  find multi-uses for things in general. Baby wipes do a really good job removing makeup and since I always have them for Grace, it's one less thing to buy. 

Step 2- Cleanse/Exfoliate- I use a cream cleanser and  this silicone  cleansing pad. It's gentle enough for daily use. Using a circular motion, I rub it in a circular motion around my forehead, cheeks chin and the area around my lips. the outer lip area is notorious for having dead skin and black heads, focus on it.  I also  use it on my lips to remove dead skin. Peeling, dry lips are forever gone from my life since I started to exfoliate them! The gentle massage of the pad also rejuvenates the skin and increases circulation in a deeper way then simply using your hands would. 

Step 3-Apply a Mask- I use Dermalogica Sebum Clearing Mask or sometimes I make my own by mixing  a little Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay with water. Let it dry and rinse off. You can use another wipe to help remove the mask with warm water. The warm water also opens your pores, allowing the next step, toning, to remove the impurities.

Step 4- Tone- I use a cotton pad to tone with Dickinson's Alcohol-Free Hydrating Toner. It's very gentle on my skin while lifting the impurities. Toning is such an important step. The moment I skip toning I start seeing more breakouts. Toning is especially important if you consistently use makeup or a tinted moisturizer, it's the last step that removes all the impurities settled into your pores. 

Step 5-Moisturize- This step can be as fancy or as simple as you want it. In the morning I use Dr Murad's Advanced Active Radiance Serum followed by an oil free moisturizer. You can invest into a good moisturizer or use a pharmacy brand like I do. I think the first step is to have a knowledgeable cosmetologist or dermatologist recommend the type of moisturizer for your skin. From that point, you can then find equivalents in your price range. The best moisturizer for me is Dermalogica Matte Sunscreen lotion, but sometimes I just don't feel like paying $50 dollars for 1.7 ounces of lotion, so i find oil free substitutes. 

I have timed myself doing this mini-facial and it literally takes me 10 minutes tops and that's because of the drying time for the mask. You do this weekly, and your skin will thank you. No need to accumulate dead skin and have your complexion dull in between spa appointments. Once a week, you can also use an at home peel. I use Dr. Murad's Rapid Resurfacing Peel, It's basically a pad with 10% Glycolic acid that you swipe over your face, before your moisturizer. It literally removes the first layer of dead skin. Put a weekly reminder on your phone, and take 10 minutes to honor the Goddess in you. Oshun will favor you:-)



 I look forward to a professional peels and extractions at the spa. but the daily and weekly upkeep is manageable at home. I just want you to know you got this. Take control of your GLOW!




In Love, Health and Presence of Mind











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