How to Embrace Your Hair Journey and Release The Anxiety

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On this Humpday afternoon, I am coming into your inbox with a pick me up!

I was recently having a consultation with a client who is experiencing hairloss and I was so happy to be able to help her relax about the process.

Here are the tools I gave her...

It’s important to set the right expectations of how much hair you will be able to regrow. You may not get your youthful thick mane back but may grow enough hair for a cute style, or to cover the problem areas, giving you independence and choice.

If you are using natural products and supplements, they work gently and take time. Just look at it as a normal routine that you are doing to get your hair in the best shape it can be and not as an overnight miracle cure. Settle on a routine and stick to it. Trust yourself.

This picture taken this past holiday season highlights my personal victory. I may still have problem areas but I am able to rock this cute haircut. Unless I tell someone, they may not know I even have scarring alopecia.

 Your hair is only ONE part of your life, you are still beautiful, amazing, intelligent, capable and there’s an entire world out there so please LIVE LIFE and do not let your hair routine take over.

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