4 Reasons Why You Should Require a Shampoo with your Style

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There's been a lot of chatter on social media about stylists who require that their clients come to their appointment already shampooed and the issue is hot on both sides. I am a strong believer that when it comes to getting a service, the customer has a lot of influence for good. Making the issue about laziness on the parts of stylists, or customers, or even making it a cost issue is not really getting to the heart of the matter.  Giving you the insight on what the shampoo process means for your hair goals might be the best way to settle this issue. 


1. scalp fungal and bacterial infections, inflammation, skin conditions can be present in instances where a person wears braids or protective styles. The treatments in between styles can make a difference in them losing or keeping their hair. A client who constantly itches their scalp might need a medicated shampoo, or a prepoo treatment with an essential oil mix to soothe their scalp. If you have very itchy, and dry scalp or tend to see white patches on your scalp, simply shampooing your hair at home and putting braids back in can be the catalyst to you losing follicles and thinning out your hair. If a braider does not offer shampoo services ( most don't), see a dermatologist for your scalp condition and follow the shampoo protocols at home and deep condition prior to going to rebraid your hair


2. Prior to having tension styles or adding hair (weaves, braids, crochet,  boho locs etc) remember any added hair will literally soaks the moisture from your own hair, therefore your hair should be properly shampoo and deep conditioned to have a fighting chance. A lot of people have reported that after months of protective styles, although their hair "grew" it became very dry and lifeless. That's because during protective styles, your actual strands are less likely to receive moisture, while simultaneously rubbing with the added hair that soaks the little bit of moisture they had. Why the shampoo? the shampoo process raises the hair follicles and allows the strands to absorb the moisture that will come from the deep conditioning step. The hair strand is best able to absorb real moisture immediately after the shampooing before the cuticles close ( dry hair), so slathering grease before you braid is not the same as deep conditioning. Choose a rich deep conditioner and pamper your strands prior to styling.

3. Before tension styles or weaves/wigs, the hair might need to be fortified, i.e strengthened with protein which is different from moisture. Only your stylist who is knowledgeable can determine that by consulting your hair.  If you notice that you hair is mushy or weak when it's wet, it's a perfect sign that you need to fortify your strands with a protein conditioner. Starting any tension style, or a style where weight will be added/hanging on your hair requires that your strands are strong to withstand the tension without breaking. 

4. A deep clarifying shampoo and conditioner is needed prior to heat styles like silk presses/flat iron and blowouts because when heat is applied to hair that is not clarified ( dirty) over time it will cause heat damage ( frying the hair w products). Starting with anything less than clean hair also means the silk press won’t be beautiful, shiny nor have movement. What's the point of a blowout with no movement? Stylists know that fabulous hair starts with clean hair.  

Once you start to do tension styles , heat or adding extensions, starting the process  right at the shampoo bowl is instrumental to keeping a head of healthy hair. What's the point of having a style for the moment while depleting your foundation forever. Remember our motto, beauty is a marathon and not a sprint.


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