Ronnie's Mini Combo

Ronnie's Mini Combo

  • $ 24.99

Jet Setters and Gift Givers!

Here's a mini kit of the full product line!

This set contains a 2 oz. Shampoo, 2 oz Conditioner and a 1 oz Ronnie's oil.

This sizes are perfect for gift-giving, taking on your carry-on during air travel or if you want to try the line before getting the full size bottles!

The shampoo is great for easy detangling, and to soothe itchy dry scalp

The conditioner is great to reduce breakage, and retain length. It also helps to create the perfect  silkpress and blowouts, reduces frizz, make your wash and go last or to make your curls pop

The oil is an action packed growth oil, that stimulates growth in bald areas, promotes growth for thinning spots, edges and just general unexplained hairloss. It is also great to reduce itchiness under your styles.