Protect your Edges 2020 Edition

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If you struggle with thinning edges here are some quick easy tips you can start applying today:

1. Choose non-toxic products for your face and hair. Many cases of hairloss at the edge can be linked to some form of inflammation on your face and scalp.  You can help reduce inflammation in your face and hair edges by opting for cleaner/non toxic products. Visit the many non-toxic marketplaces online to source products you can feel good about.   


2. If you wear braids, loosen the braids at your edges. If they were professionally installed, remove them and re-braid them yourself. Odds are your own braids will always be looser than a professional braider. If you see white bulbs at the root of your braids, it means your hair is being pulled at the roots, and your follicles are irritated. You are at the beginning stage of inflammation that leads to scarring ( complete baldness of your edges).

3. Clips from wigs  used to secure them into place, often irritate that area overtime and pull out the hair, and can lead to scarring of the follicles. If you must wear a wig, change where you place the clips and bands. Have your stylist change the pattern of your braids for weave installations. Start all your style with a light oil that reduces the friction between the wigs, clips, weave with your hair. It also helps that the oil is naturally anti fungal and anti bacterial and reduces inflammation leading to more protection for your hair. 

Clip usually used in wigs, clip in hair etc. 

4. Edge gels. Applying edge gel everyday to lay your "baby hair" down may be tempting but the mechanical nature of brushing your edges so hard may lead to breakage. Also some gels are so thick with suspect ingredients that they can clog your follicles. Try to lay your hair down by using a scarf while getting ready in the morning, or take breaks from the gels. Be sure to wash your hair often ( once a week) if you use heavy products that sits on your scalp. 

5. Bonnets. Silk bonnets are a great way to protect your style at night as well as retain moisture usually robbed by cotton pillowcases. However, the band that secures a bonnet on your head can rub, pull and irritate your edges in a similar fashion that tight braids can. It may not be as forceful and obvious, but overtime, some women notice their edges breaking from the scarf or bonnet that they wear at night. Being that we are likely to toss and turn in our sleep, a well placed bonnet can pull, twist and eventually break our edges. The best alternatives is to invest in some silk or satin pillowcases. That way your style stays nice, your hair moisturized and your edges safe. 

6. If you are experiencing edge thinning or hairloss and can't identify the source, be sure to see a dermatologist for proper diagnosis and treatment protocol. As always you can use to find a dermatologist in your area. 


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