Allergy to Lace Wig and Glue

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Lace wigs are all the rave! women and men are wearing them as a style option and some as prosthetics to hairloss. Many questions arise, can wig glue cause an allergic reaction?  The answer is yes!

Many of these wig installations use a glue to secure the wig to the edges of the hair.  allergic reactions or  contact dermatitis have been reported by some users.  The adhesives in the glues contains allergens that the skin can react to. It's also possible to have an allergic reaction to sythetic wig materials. 

In order to avoid this situation as much as possible, it's important with any product to do a patch test. Rub the glue on your forearm and see if there's any redness or raised skin. It may take a few days to determine if there's a reaction or not. Always remember that some report reactions after prolonged contact with the substance so an initial patch test is helpful but no reaction doesn't guarantee that there will never be one in the future.   

There are many stylists who are well skilled in doing glueless installations which can actually save your edges. This may be an option for some. Or using glueless styles such as sew-ins, crochets or braids.  

If you experience a reaction while using a lace front wig, stop, remove it carefully and see a dermatologist who will be able to help you through recovery. Remember always keep your scalp clean and dry by following a schedule of washing and treating your own hair in between any wig and weave installation.


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