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The mask we carry is heavy. We wear the mask to work everyday and sometimes take it home. It gets heavier everyday, but how do we take it off?

In many circles, admitting that you meditate may make you the subject of ridicule, but I tell you if prayer is how we speak to God, meditation is how we listen. It's how we listen to the vibration around us, and our innermost thoughts. We lie to ourselves daily, why not take 15 minutes to hear our own truth.

I think I speak for most when I say that I felt weird the first time I meditated. I couldn't clear my mind for the life of me. To do lists, memories from my day, forgotten tasks, all filled my head. I kept at it. I would set up time after work or in the early mornings to take a few minutes to meditate. I started small, 5 minutes turned into 10, 10 minutes turned into 20. I meditated quietly, and later tried guided meditations.  Eventually, I started getting the hang of it, and the magic happened. Buried feelings started to rise, feelings that were in my subconscious, feelings that clearly explained how I acted in the conscious world. I will say it again, feelings that were in my subconcious, buried, directly explained what I did in this world. It was eye-opening. 

Meditation reveals our fears, and insecurities, our regrets, unique to each of us. Buried explanations to the mask we carry, the mean mask, the gossipy mask, the not so kind to our brothers and sisters mask, the self doubt mask, the defensive mask. Meditation also reveals our deepest desires, and passions. One of the revelations I experienced was my obession with being strong all the time.  I discovered that I can now let go of the ego that permeated my day to day activities and be vulnerable. I discovered the freedom and power in vulnerability to myself,  to those who love me so they can know how to support me better. I discovered  that it is ok to ask for help, to be imperfect, to lose some battles so that I can win the war. 

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